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Mental Health


July 1, 2010

For someone who’s had an eating disorder and has advocated for people to understand such diseases (Hello Actionists®!), I was very skeptical of ABC Family’s new show, Huge. Not because who they were going to show, teens at fat camp, but now it could be portrayed. Just seeing the title, stereotypes can be formed and judgements [...]

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pizza, pasta, gelato… oh my!

June 24, 2010

In between the time I graduated and started this blog, I was in Florence and Lake Como for 10 days and had an absolutely fabulous time. I love to travel and truly believe that you can learn so much about a culture by completely immersing yourself into the local lifestyle. To me that means going [...]

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mission: eating what you love

June 23, 2010

When I started blogging last November, I had no focus, no mission and could not get into a rhythm. Basically my blog was no different from anyone else’s and like anyone who was reading, I got bored quickly. But by January, I started an independent study that changed everything. I blogged about body image, the [...]

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