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Emotional Health

vanilla? really?

July 6, 2010

It might be obvious, but I’m not a person who reaches for vanilla flavored things. I do like vanilla cake (with chocolate frosting), shortbread cookies (dipped in chocolate) and pound cake (in my mom 7-layer chocolate frosted recipe). But as you can see there’s a common partner with that vanilla… A good vanilla flavor is hard [...]

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sweet red and blue

July 4, 2010

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up, next to you and defend her still today ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land, God bless the USA I [...]

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my new love

July 3, 2010

Any guesses?

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my true weakness

June 30, 2010

It’s no surprise that my food loves are made from sugar, butter, chocolate and flour, thus the name of my blog and why I went to school for baking and pastry for a while. But for a while and some strange reason, I forgot about one of my favorite things. Please don’t ask me why, [...]

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shades of blue

June 22, 2010

Summer has always meant fresh, home-grown food and probably my reason for loving farmer’s markets so much. Every summer growing up, I would go up to my grandparents house in Cape Cod and watch my grandfather tend to his vegetable garden like Mr. McGregor. Except for the walkways and the deck, there wasn’t grass, but [...]

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a morning in Paris

June 14, 2010

Ok, I’m back! Sorry for my brief hiatus, especially so soon after starting this blog, but sometimes you just need time with your family, at the farmer’s market and at brunch with friends to make everything better. Which is exactly what I did However, I also know that when you feel down, you must try [...]

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